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Vacuum Centrifuge

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VendorThermo-Scientific (VWR)
Catalog nameSpeedVac Concentrator SAVANT SC210A
DescriptionThis custom made vacuum centrifuge can be used to encapsulate implants in a silicone rubber. The implant is placed in a mould in the work holder of the whirling arm of the rotor. The spinning of the rotor induces a force that initiates the insertion of the silicone inside the mould cavity. Simultaneously, the pressure is decreased in the vacuum centrifuge. High vacuum while centrifuging, allows to remove any voids in the silicone and ensuring the good adhesion of the silicone to the substrate.
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Vacuum Centrifuge, Thermo-Scientific (VWR), SpeedVac Concentrator SAVANT SC210A BEAMS-AN